Induction of this honored and select group of recipients is restricted to R-Men Varsity Club members. To be nominated for this coveted award requires a minimum of five years membership in the organization and the candidate must have distinguished himself/herself by serving the club in an exemplary and extraordinary manner. Members of the R-Men Varsity Club Board of Directors vote on and select the honoree. The recipient receives an engraved plaque. Since its introduction in 1965 only 31 members have been inducted into the R-Men Varsity Club Honor Roll.


Dr. Charles Schneider

Class of 1926

James Barnett

Class of 1940

Russell Hicks

Class of 1941

Morgan Jones

Class of 1944

Bud Winiger

Class of 1951

Don Henry

Class of 1951

Ron Ham

Class of 1952

Bud Gatewood

Class of 1954

Bob Hape

Class of 1954

Larry Higgins

Class of 1954

Bill Igleheart

Class of 1954

Don Pryor

Class of 1954

Don Wade

Class of 1954

Larry Lyons

Class of 1956

Mert Lantaff

Class of 1957

Virgil Toone

Class of 1958

Ralph Simpson, Jr

Class of 1959

Gary West

Class of 1959

Dick Barchet

Class of 1960

Mike Hape

Class of 1960

Carl Barchet

Class of 1961

Dave Carl

Class of 1962

Bix Branson

Class of 1966

Larry Broerman

Class of 1967

John Gross

Class of 1969

Gary Barnett

Class of 1969

Jim Claybourn

Class of 1970

Dave Hauschild

Class of 1973

Kirk Williams

Class of 1979

Kevin Canterbury

Class of 1982

Scott Hayes

Class of 1987

Jon Carl

Class of 1991

Brian Burkhart

Class of 2000